Predict the Euros and win 10,000,000 USDT

Take on the biggest football party of the year with the juiciest prize in all of sports betting. Predict the outcomes of the Euro 2024 group and knockout stages correctly and we will pay you 10,000,000 USDT. No, that’s not a typo! Your football knowledge can turn you into a multimillionaire overnight!

How do I participate?

How do I place my predictions:

  • Predict the outcomes of all Euro 2024 groups and select the groups that will produce 3rd place teams. You don’t need to predict individual matches, just the final group standings.
  • Predict the outcomes of all knockout stage matches.
  • Pay the 10 USDT entry fee to lock in your predictions.
  • Change your predictions as many times as you want until June 14, 19.30 BST for no extra charge.

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What about the prizes?

You will compete for a wide variety of cash prizes across the group stage and the knockout stage of the Euros.

Group Stage:

  • Mistakes don't lead to immediate elimination. Prizes are based on the number of correct predictions.
  • Predict all 24 group stage matches correctly to qualify for knockout stage prizes.

Knockout Stage:

  • Prizes increase with each correct match prediction.
  • Any mistake results in elimination from jackpot contention.
  • Prize tiers depend on the last correctly predicted match (e.g., incorrect semi-finals prediction results in a quarter-finals prize of 250,000 USDT).


  • 10,000,000 USDT for correctly predicting all outcomes in both stages.
  • The jackpot is shared among winners.

Your Prizes:

Stages Prize
Group Stage
16 correct predictions15 USDT
17 correct predictions20 USDT
18 correct predictions30 USDT
19 correct predictions40 USDT
20 correct predictions200 USDT
22 correct predictions300 USDT
23 correct predictions500 USDT
24 correct predictions1000 USDT
Knockout Stage
Quarter-Finals (you’re eliminated by getting at least one incorrect prediction)Share of 250,000 USDT
Semi-Finals (you’re eliminated by getting at least one incorrect prediction)Share of 500,000 USDT
Final (you’re eliminated by selecting the wrong winner)Share of 1,000,000 USDT
All correct predictionsJackpot - Share of 10,000,000 USDT

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to win 10,000,000 USDT so what are you waiting for? Make your predictions and add some excitement to your Euros experience!

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