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Betting on today’s badminton matches at is a breeze. With a variety of matches and betting markets to choose from, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of badminton and make predictions on your favourite players and outcomes. Our user-friendly interface and extensive coverage ensure you never miss a moment of the action. And with our exciting promotions and bonuses, you can supercharge your wagers and increase your chances of winning big. Learn more about it here.

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At, betting on popular badminton leagues and tournaments is effortless. Whether you're interested in outright selections, upcoming matches, or badminton games scheduled in the next 24 hours, the platform has you covered. 

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Today’s top Badminton tournaments to bet on

Whether you want to bet on today’s doubles or singles badminton matches, has it all for you! To get you started, here are the best tournaments you can wager on:


The Nantes International Challenge is a prestigious badminton tournament held annually in Nantes, France, organised by the French Badminton Federation. It features competitive singles matches for both men and women, doubles matches in men's and women's categories, as well as mixed doubles. 

Known for its intense matchups and high-level performances, the event attracts top players from around the world, offering a platform for showcasing skills and competing for titles in various disciplines. The tournament format includes qualifying rounds followed by main draw matches, making it a significant event in the international badminton calendar and a key opportunity for players to earn ranking points and fans to witness thrilling badminton action.


The Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments held annually in Melbourne, Australia, and it is renowned for its rich history and global appeal. The tournament features highly anticipated singles matches for both men and women, where top-ranked players from around the world compete fiercely for the prestigious title. Additionally, doubles matches in men's, women's, and mixed categories offer exciting team dynamics and strategic gameplay. Mixed doubles, where male and female pairs compete together, add another layer of excitement and diversity to the event.

Women's singles matches at the Australian Open showcase the talents and athleticism of female tennis stars, drawing large audiences and media attention. The tournament's format includes qualifying rounds followed by main draw matches, culminating in thrilling finals that determine the champions across all categories. Beyond the on-court action, the Australian Open is celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere, world-class facilities at Melbourne Park, and its status as a major sporting event that attracts millions of viewers worldwide.

Betting odds formats to use for today’s Badminton betting at

Choose how to view your odds from the following odds formats available at

  • Decimal: Decimal odds represent the potential payout, including your stake. For example, if the odds are 9.32, a 1 USDT bet would return 9.32 USDT in total (8.32 USDT profit plus your 1 USDT stake).
  • American: American odds are typically shown as either positive or negative numbers. Odds of +832 mean a profit of 8.32 USDT for every 1 USDT bet, while -832 indicates you need to bet 832 USDT to win 100 USDT profit.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong odds are presented in a different format, where odds of 9.32 would be displayed as 8.32 (implied probability) + 1 (your stake).

Factors to consider for today’s Badminton betting at

When betting on badminton matches, several key factors can influence the outcome and should be considered:

  1. Player Form and Rankings: Assess the current form of players based on recent performances and their world rankings. Players in good form or higher rankings may have an advantage.

  2. Head-to-Head Record: Review the head-to-head history between the players or pairs competing. Some players may have a psychological edge or tactical advantage over their opponents.

  3. Court Surface and Conditions: Consider the type of court surface (e.g., indoor, outdoor, synthetic) and how it may impact player performance. Certain players may excel on specific surfaces.

  4. Injury and Rest: Check if players have recent injuries or if they are well-rested. Fatigue can affect performance, especially in tournaments with multiple matches.

  5. Playing Style and Strategy: Analyze the playing style and strategy of each player or pair. Some players may have strengths in certain aspects of the game (e.g., aggressive play, defensive skills) that can influence match outcomes.

  6. Tournament Importance: Evaluate the tournament or match's importance. Players may perform differently depending on whether it's a major championship, a regional tournament, or a lower-profile event.

Considering these factors can help bettors make more informed decisions when placing bets on badminton matches.

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