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The United States has one of the best sports cultures in the world. This is evidenced by the number of major sports leagues like Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Soccer is not yet a market the US dominates, so Major League Soccer deserves more of the spotlight.

Launched back in 1996, the MLS has continued to grow as North America’s best soccer league through the years, and it has been home to many talents we see today. If you want to try MLS betting, learn more about this competition here on

The format for Major League Soccer

The MLS usually starts in late February and will run up to October. Teams are divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences, as they play 34 games in their schedule. There are 29 teams which means they will play two games against teams in their conference while they will only play teams from the opposite conference once. 

The regular season ends with the team with the best record being awarded the Supporters’ Shield and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. There is a 14-team playoff stage with seven teams for each conference. All the matches will be single-match eliminations, with the higher seed hosting the match. 

The 1st seeds are given a bye, while 2nd to 7th will duke it out in the quarter-finals. This will be followed by the semis and Conference Finals, leading to the MLS Cup to decide the champion. 

How to make bets on the MLS

To start betting on MLS matches, you should create an account on You should follow these steps to sign up and start betting:

  • Click the register button that is on the top-right of the screen. You will be taken to a page filled with info boxes you should complete. Accounts from other platforms can also be connected to, such as Google, Metamask, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Line. 

  • You can choose a payment method that you will prefer using. Options include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Tether (USDT). 

  • Go to the soccer section to seek out the MLS page where you can start your Major League soccer betting.

Which are the best MLS betting markets on

MLS soccer betting markets are abundant, so you have many options to wager on. They are similar to the markets you will see in other soccer leagues, which makes for a familiar experience. These are some of what you’ll see here on

  • Winner: This is where you predict which team will win the match following the MLS soccer betting odds.

  • Correct score: You must predict the exact score at the match’s end. There will be various choices that will have corresponding MLS soccer odds too.

  • Over/Under: This is the market where you are given a range for the total number of goals scored in the match. That number will be the total goals between the two teams.

  • Clean sheet: This market involves predicting if a team can prevent their opponents from scoring a goal. Consult the MLS betting odds here to learn more context about the two teams’ offence and defence.

  • Match totals: You will guess the total number of goals scored in this match between both teams. This coincides with the over/under and correct score markets.’s types of odds for your Major League Soccer matches betting

Odds are numbers attached to betting markets which determine the most and least likely outcomes that can happen within a match. They are also helpful in calculating the winnings that players can receive whenever they make their bets.

You need to learn the many types of Major League Soccer betting odds you will encounter while on To start, check out the basics below:

  • Moneyline: This is the type of odds with the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols attached. The plus is for underdogs meaning that they are more lucrative options. On the other hand, the minus is for favourites with lesser rewards since they are safer options.

  • Decimal: Lower odds are the favourites, while higher ones are for the underdogs. Calculations can be easier here since every $1 wagered will be multiplied by the odds of succeeding.

  • Hong Kong: This is the combination of both the moneyline and decimal format. Major League soccer odds lower than one will be seen as the favourite, while more than 1 odds will be the underdog. Odds exactly at one will net players a 1/1 payout based on their wager.

What are the best MLS clubs? 

To have a good idea of how to do well with betting on MLS matches, you should know which clubs are the most successful and popular. These are some of those clubs: 

  • LA Galaxy: The most successful club in MLS history, they have been a fixture in the upper echelon of MLS clubs. Some significant players called LA home as they played for the Galaxy, including superstars David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who won the MLS Cup and best MLS Player at the ESPYs, respectively.

  • Seattle Sounders FC: The first half of the Pacific Northwest’s duo of top MLS teams, Seattle has been fantastic with their culture of free-flowing offence and hard-nosed defence. During the 2016 and 2019 wins, Nicolás Lodeiro was the star player, cementing his place as the best Sounder ever.

  • Portland Timbers: The second half of the PNW duo, the Timbers were only founded in 2009, but they have become one of the fixtures of the MLS. The city is known for their basketball team, but its consistency in the MLS deserves more love. The best player to don the Timbers kit will most likely be Diego Valeri.

What are’s features for betting on MLS matches?

MLS online betting is made easy with because you have features such as Betslip and Betbuilder. Those are used to track your bets while allowing you to increase your bets exponentially and even combine all your wagers into just one massive bet.

Head-to-head is another feature that helps players know more about a certain matchup. Stats will be presented here, which is information you need to make the best bets possible, just like Major League Soccer betting tips say. This includes useful stats like expected goals, tackles, aerial battles won, and many more that can affect your wager.

Score big rewards with MLS betting on

Given its rising status in North America, the MLS should be a league you bet on. Get in early because the matches are exciting to watch, and the rewards are worth it. You can use multiple payment methods while betting, including cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT). 

Check out the handy mobile app and make bets on the go for your anticipated Major League Soccer matches in the schedule. Here on, you’re in the right place for a fun, fast, and fair betting experience.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions asked about MLS:

Why is there a playoff stage in the MLS? 

Having playoffs is the norm in North American sports, as seen in leagues like the NBA and NFL. The MLS is following that model, which has paid off since they are a unique format for soccer.

Will there be an expansion in the MLS? 

There is room for expansion, especially since there are 29 teams. They will probably do so if they can make it an even 30, given that soccer keeps growing in North America, and some cities want the nod.

What is the Supporters’ Shield? 

This is the trophy that the best regular-season team wins. It functions as the same trophy as most clubs will get in leagues like the Premier League or the Bundesliga.